Pharmaceutical Plastic Products

Pharmaceutical Plastic Products



Nirsky Exports – High-Quality Pharmaceutical Plastic Products

Nirsky Exports is a leading exporter of top-grade pharmaceutical plastic products from India. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce a wide range of sterile, durable, and cost-effective plastic items for the medical and healthcare industries.

Pharmaceutical Plastic Syringes

Our sterile plastic syringes are designed for single use to prevent cross-contamination. Available in a variety of sizes from 1ml to 50ml, our syringes feature Luer lock or slip tip connections, transparent barrels for easy viewing of contents, accurate graduation markings, and smooth plunger action. They are individually packed in peel-open pouches.

Plastic Laboratory Containers

Nirsky Exports offers a selection of high-quality plastic containers for medical laboratories, including sample collection containers, urine specimen containers, sputum collection containers, and stool collection containers. Our lab containers are made from durable, transparent plastic with secure screw-top lids. They are available in a range of sizes and can be customized with your logo or labeling.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

In addition to syringes and lab containers, we also produce a variety of other plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, such as pill bottles and vials, ampoules and vials, blister packs, and inhalers and nebulizers.